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About The Mayfair Harley Clinic

Our Roots & Now

The Mayfair Harley Clinic was originally started in 2004 as the Mayfair Clinic and in 2019 rebranded to Mayfair Harley Clinic with the main branch in Harley Street along with a non-surgical expansion named Mayfair MediSpa at Wigmore Street. Ever since our foundation our goal was to help patients with breast surgery, breast implants, body reshaping, facial surgery and other such cosmetic treatments with the help of top-class doctors, surgeons and medical experts in UK and abroad.

The success stories of our dedicated surgeons are making us recognizable across different parts of the world. Many patients come to us with a positive expectation to get a definite solution and exceptional VIP patient care for their cosmetic surgery requirements.

Our patient’s reviews have given us much confidence that we are excellent in what we do, and our magnificent approach towards conducting every treatment is what guarantees a definite end-result. We run a complete diagnosis of the patient to check on any of the health conditions that might affect the surgery. Only after a proper diagnosis, our Harley team prefers to start the procedure with utmost precision.

Our clinic is a marvel gem in offering bespoke patient care, boutique-style cosmetic surgeries and other non-surgical aesthetic services. We have earned the trust and name in all of the UK and other abroad countries for our holistic approach,  progressive treatment results and superior patient care.

Our Team

The Best of Professionals

Founder, Executive Director, VIP Patient Manager, Cosmetic Surgery Coach, & Clinical Therapist.

Medical Director and Lead Surgeon. Dr. Gary Horn is GMC Registered Plastic Surgeon with over 25 years experience in Breast Surgery, Tummy Tucks, Vaser Lipo, Buttocks Implants and Intimate Surgery.

Mayfair Harley Clinic is working in association with Top Cosmetic Surgeons around the world.

Lead Aesthetic Therapist, Training Manager.

Our Locations

We offer services around the world