Breast Reduction

Are you feeling unhappy with the appearance of your breast? With our risk-free breast reduction procedure, you can lower the breast size to have a perkier and natural size. Under this breast reduction procedure, we will remove breast fat and tissue while elevating breasts, areola, and nipple to a perfect position.

Why choose The Mayfair Harley Clinic for breast reduction procedure?

  1. We value your requirements to lower the weight and volume and ensure that you look good after the treatment.
  2. We have successfully conducted hundreds of breast reduction surgeries.
  3. With us, you will enjoy a faster recovery process.
  4. We always offer the best post-operative care.


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions.

If you think your breast size causes issues like neck or back pain and you are getting painful rashes or have some aesthetic reasons, you can go for this.

Different from others, you can see the result immediately after the procedure.

There is no such particular recovery period as it varies from patient to patient.

It can take around three to four hours, based on your requirements.