G-Shot (Orgasm Jab)

This is a non-surgical treatment where the blood platelets are injected into the tissue of the vaginal. The platelets attract the stem cells and produce functional tissue in the vagina’s sexual response areas, for example, O-spot or G-spot.

Why choose us for this?

  1. We have been performing this procedure for years.
  2. We have advanced equipment to get it done faster.
  3. We offer the best post-surgical assistance.
  4. The procedure is budget-friendly.



Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most asked questions.

No, it is not a drug; it is a non-surgical procedure.

This is painless, and before the procedure, we will numb the area.

This may take around 30 minutes, covering the numbing process.

You can feel the complete result after around two weeks.