Male Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is gradually increasing among men. Witness a life-changing moment with a great level of self-confidence with our cosmetic surgery options available for men. Contact us now for an appointment.

Facial Surgery

Feeling low due to your facial appearance? Why don’t you give it a perfect shape with the best facial surgery options! As one of the best cosmetic surgeons in London, we offer clinically tested facial surgery procedures that will take your facial appearance to a whole new level. Shape every part of your face and look good instantly through our procedures.

Body Reshaping

Want to have a perfect body by eliminating the fat deposits from different parts of your body? We bring you the best and effective body reshaping procedures for you! The most popular procedures are : Tummy Tuck, Vaser Lipo, Liposuction and Gynaecomastia. Our Surgeon is GMC registered and treated over 4000 patients in the past 25 years in the UK and abroad. For patients who are not suitable for surgical interventions, we do offer excellent non-surgical solutions. Get in touch to find out more!

Male Enhancement

I remember early 2002 when I consult the very first patient to undergo Penile Enlargement and Thickening surgery with Dr.Gary Horn. To my surprise, he was very ‘open minded’ and eager to have it done! I truly thought ‘sexual enhancement’ was a big taboo! But I was wrong! We treated over 2000 patients in the past 18 years working together from all sorts of professions, background and cultures, and while they all highly appreciated utmost discretion and confidentiality we are offering, they were quite open about desire to enhance their manhood and boost confidence! The latest popular Male Enhancement procedure is either surgical Fat Grafting ( to increase the volume ) or NON-SURGICAL Enlargement by fillers for instant results. Compare to Cosmetic Surgery , fillers starts as from £1500 – £2500 and can last up to 18 months! If you are interesting in these sort of procedures, instead of going through our call center or dealing with receptionist, please feel free to send a WhatsApp message directly to Anna on +44 7983 577 268 , or email :
in the meantime, feel free to check some of our specialist websites for more information .

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