Anna Camilleri

Brief info

Founder, Executive Director, VIP Patient Manager, Cosmetic Surgery Coach, & Clinical Therapist.

With a passion for improving the quality of life of her patients, Anna Camilleri has helped over 2000 cosmetic surgery patients, male and female to gain greater confidence by eliminating their stress, strain and fears. Many patients have flown in from the Middle East, Asia and Europe specifically to see Anna, knowing they will receive a guaranteed Exquisite Service with the utmost in privacy and care.
Anna originally trained in Cosmetic Surgery/ Patient Services while managing prestigious Cosmetic Surgery Hospitals in London. She has further developed her Excellence in Cosmetic Surgery and Patient Services by studying in the USA. By 2005 Anna attended many seminars and Cosmetic Surgery Symposiums both in the USA and Europe, obtaining certificates in Advanced Education in Cosmetic Surgery and Medi-Spa, and becoming fully experienced in all facets of Operational Management. In 2006, Anna Camilleri became the founder and CEO of the first boutique style cosmetic surgery clinic in London’s prestigious Harley Street - MAYFAIR CLINIC.
Anna Camilleri originally started this clinic in corporation with the Leading Surgeons like : Dr.Evangelos Keramidas, Dr. Villy Rodopolou, Dr.Shahab Ghani, Dr.Bashar Bizrah and with Dr.Gary Horn, who later became Mayfair Harley Clinic lead surgeon and co-founder
In 2008 Anna successfully completed a Professional Image Consultancy Training Course with "Aston & Hays" and became qualified member of Federation of Image Consultants TFIC. In 2011 she graduated as Clinical Hypnotherapist and currently attending Post Graduate studies in Clinical Psychology and Hypnotherapy at West London University.
With the practical skills and innate creativity, Anna can help you to transform your body, image and style giving you the confidence to achieve your goals. In addition to Aesthetic services Anna is currently helping people in the area of self development through Hypnosis, NLP and Spirituality.
Anna Camilleri is also known as Aesthetic Business Consultant and often seen as a speaker at CCR EXPO (Clinical, Cosmetic, Reconstructive EXPO) guiding surgeons and clinics on the latest Aesthetic Trends.
Currently, Dr. Gary Horn act as a medical director with the Mayfair Harley Clinic and a surgeon who handles all the diagnosis and treatment for several cosmetic surgeries. They both are the guiding lights and are popularly admired for delivering exceptional patient care services, consulting and guiding the clients affected by body image concerns, and performing beautifying interventions.