Dr. Gary Horn

Brief info

Medical Director & Surgeon

Dr. Gary Horn has magical hands and a sharp mind that works best for rhinoplasty, breast reduction, breast lift, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, liposuction, vaser lipo, buttocks enhancement, fat transfer and other body and face sculpting procedures. He is an expert in his profession and has a track record of many successful surgeries in London, Paris and Brussels.
Along with Anna and Dr. Horn, the entire Harley Street Team is dedicated to assisting the patients with both male and female cosmetic surgeries. Whether you reach out to us for facial surgery, body reshaping or any other gender-oriented makeover procedures, we have the right doctors and surgeons to attend your case.
Our experts have completed their studies from the top institutes of UK, USA and Europe and have practised for almost twenty years to earn the experience that they hold today.
The Mayfair Harley Clinic works on offering the best possible surgical, advanced laser and non-surgical skin treatments and for that, we have some of the best cosmetic surgeons, doctors and aesthetic consultants working with us from all across the globe.
Whether you are from the UK or any abroad country, you can reach out to us for an appropriate treatment based upon your condition.
If you are not sure about whether you need cosmetic surgery for your condition, you can always get in touch with our consultants to get a brief explanation of how different surgeries or non-surgical solutions would result in your body. For better verdict, our medical team will also run a diagnosis on you to ensure the type of procedure that is suitable for your condition and in line with your expectations.