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Top Cosmetic Surgeons : Dr. Evangelos Keramidas, Dr. Villy Rodopolou, Dr. davood Fallahdar, Dr.Shahab Ghani, Dr.Bashar Bizrah , Dr.Gregorio

Dr. Gregorio De Carvalho BSc, MD, MSc, Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-ageing and Skin Regeneration Consultant
Mr Gregorio De Carvalho recently joined Mayfair Harley Team as a consultant specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, Anti-Ageing, and Skin Rejuvenation.
If you are looking for non-surgical facial rejuvenation and transformation, like Tread lift, Liquid Facelift, “A Lift”, Our signature “ Harley St. Facelift”, “ Invisible Facelift” , Non-Surgical Nose Job, Chin or Cheeks Enhancement, or Lip Enhancement, Dr. Gregorio’s skills and techniques will transform you in your best!
He is particularly effective in combining procedures, such as the botulinum toxin A lifting, the dermal filler with hyaluronic acid, and Mini Threads lifting.
Mr Gregorio completed his career at the University of Havana Cuba graduating as a Doctor of Medicine (MD), he made a Master’s Degree (MSc) Aesthetic Medicine Anti-Aging and Skin Regenerative in the Complutense University of Madrid.
He is a Member of Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine World Congress [AMWC], Face Conference and Exhibition [FACE], Clinical Cosmetic Regenerative [CCR], Illustrious College of Physicians of Valencia Spain [ICOMV], Spanish Society of Aesthetic Medicine [SEME]
With his knowledge and skills, he offers the best treatments for his patients. He always considers the patient’s needs and maintains their health and safety as a top priority.